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Lewiston Towing Services

There is nothing like a pleasant trip in your car, simply driving around enjoying the sites. And nothing ruins that trip more than a bunch of yellow and red lights appearing on your dashboard or what sounds like a small explosion coming from one of your tires. When your car breaks down or blows a tire, it can completely ruin your day. If you are driving in the town of Lewiston, though, your day won't be ruined if you call for tow truck service from Good Guys Automotive & Transmissions.

We Care About Our Customers Lewiston Towing Services

The main thing that sets Good Guys Automotive & Transmissions apart from other towing services is that we care about our customers. Whether you are a local driver or a visitor to Lewiston, you will discover that our tow truck service drivers go out of their way to treat your car with care when hooking it up to the truck and transporting it to a service station. We always respond promptly, take great care of your car, and give you the friendliest assistance possible. If you are a visitor to Lewiston, you can also take advantage of our towing services by calling our emergency number at 716-804-0000. Emergency  towing is just one of the ways that we make visitors to Lewiston feel like they are appreciated.

Top Quality Repair and Tow Truck Service

Good Guys Automotive & Transmissions takes pride in offering not only the highest quality towing services in the Lewiston area, but also the best repairs as well. All of our technicians are ASE certified and highly experienced. We stock only the best parts and our experts can repair almost any damage. Furthermore, because we appreciate the financial burden that comes with major repairs, we offer free towing services when the damage to your car is severe.

Between towing for out-of-town visitors, free towing on major repairs, and top quality tow truck and repair services, you can't do better than Good Guys Automotive & Transmissions.


Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri:   8a.m. – 6p.m.

Saturday:  10a.m. – 4p.m.

Sunday : Emergency service
( Out of Town people only )

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